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in 11th grade art we had to make mythical creatures with clay but i didn’t want to do that so i made a log and added a lil worm friend on top of it but my teacher got mad and said i had to make it mythical so i added a horn to it and made it a uniworm

this is why art classes in schools suck. That is a bloody amazing log. look at the texture, the colour. The worm is incredible and the teacher is unhappy because it was supposed to be mythical? Who the fuck cares? will the teacher have their pay docked if a student makes a logworm instead of a basilisk???

This furthers the argument that school is about following instructions, not learning. That really is a great sculpture, by the way.

Try using that logic when you grow up and get job. Your boss won’t give a shit how good the texture of that log is, if they want a mythical creature you better give them one. Let’s see how long you last if you can’t even follow simple instructions. The school system is shitty in a lot of ways but teaching you to follow basic assignments is not one of them.

Isn’t that exactly the problem though? School teaches you to do factory work. It’s assumed that you’ll /have/ a boss, not /be/ a boss.

Even if you’re a “boss” you still have people to answer to, and if you can’t follow a simple guideline (which, in this case, was a pretty freaking broad guideline) then you probably don’t deserve to be a boss in the first place.

Every assignment and project, whether it’s at work or school, will have some stipulations which you have to work around. Is it an amazing log and worm? Yes. Was it what the teacher assigned? No. This person does not deserve an A because it’s not what was assigned. Conversely, say you are the head of an ad agency. You’re the boss. You can make magnificent work for a client, but if the client wanted you to repackage dish soap and you gave them a 4.5ft bronze statue of Michael Jackson, they won’t care how realistic it is, they’ll just hate you for wasting everyone’s time, effort, and resources.

Schools should encourage creative thinking, but in most jobs you don’t have complete creative freedom. Especially because the teacher gave these students a parameter that allows a great deal of creativity, I can’t blame them for being mad at this. Even though it’s a good piece, it’s not what was desired. No matter how technically good a piece is, if the client doesn’t want it, you’re going to fail in the business world because just about everyone has to answer to and please someone.

I agree with this. Half of the key to success when it comes to exams, assignments, and jobs is remaining within the brief as given. The teacher isn’t just giving a brief to be awkward, or to help people who might otherwise not know what to sculpt. They’re setting it because taking a brief and using your creativity while remaining within its parameters is a really useful skill that everyone needs practice in. The instruction of creating a mythological creature allowed for a great deal of personal interpretation and creativity, and so purposefully not following it makes it look like you either can’t listen to instructions, or don’t want to.

(For the record, being able to independantly produce work or create a project with no prompting or instructions is also a very valuable skill, this just wasn’t the time and place for it! Hopefully there will come a time when this person gets to do their own pottery project. I do love their sculpture to bits, I’m just worried about the attitude that comes with it means they are missing out on learning a vital skill.)

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do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of sexism that exists that you have to overcome

and then you feel really worried for the people out there who will have to suffer through it without the knowledge or awareness or the privileges you have and probably without even realising that they started living their lives at a disadvantage from the day they were born and blame themselves for failures that are not their fault

I was just feeling this today! I think a news article with stupid comments triggered it. A female speaker had given a speech about sexism in the UK and how there is a culture of violence towards women that doesn’t exist in whichever country she was from. The comments were full of men saying “Don’t be daft, women just want it all, it’s not like we’re (*insert predominantly Islamic country here*) and BEHEADING women all over the place!”

Until you have both lived the experience and been educated about what lack of equality looks like (and in the case of the men in the comments section… just educated in general) you’re always going to feel like there is no problem. The problem is there every day in my interactions with the world. It’s there in the fact that my gender is barely represented in my government, the media I consume, the higher tiers of my academic field.

There is good news though. I’m also becoming increasingly aware of alternate power structures that are being hammered out by trailblazing women. We might not have been conditioned to see people engaging in them as successful in the way we see rich businessmen as successful, but there is success there. A friend of mine and her two also female research partners have secured funding to focus on Mongolian women who have been neglated in anthropological literature  The school I work at relies on a network of women who use their skills to educate their children in ways they believe are important in a massive range of subjects. Companies such as Hello Flo and Goldie Blox are being set up by women, to help the women of the future. Hey, YOU are doodling comics and they are being spread around the world and empowering young women. We are so fortunate to be around to see something incredible beginning… but lets just hope that future generations are even more fortunate, because we’ve a long way to go yet. 


Sorry its been a while since you’ve seen any new content from me!

First I was unwell for a few weeks with some nondescript malady, and then my computer’s hard drive decided it had enough of living and decided to corrupt itself on me. Unfortunately I hadn’t had the presence of mind to back up all my shop graphics, or my other organisational spreadsheets for the shop. I needed to take a while off just to recoup.I’m finally back in business now, with some new items ready to add, and lots of new interesting bits and bobs to share!

Phew… ok… hello!

I think things have calmed down now since the dreaded anonymous message.

Hello new followers! I hope you enjoy following me, although messages from anonymous dudebros isn’t really the norm around here.

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